With over 180 restaurants, Papa Gino's is a staple pizza brand for New Englanders. Rather than competing on the core category attributes of taste, value or convenience, our concept was to brand usage occasions as "Papa Times", creating a distinctive positioning and elevating Papa Gino's to that of solution brand and not just a pizza brand. 


Our creative strategy was to make simple 15 second vignettes that interrupted the typical television commercial cadence, highlighting many different "Papa Time" scenarios, and hammering home our positioning.

After being exposed to several Papa Time vignettes during a given program, viewers were rewarded with a compelling offer to seal the deal.  

The Papa Time campaign look and feel was an extension of the overall brand refresh. Everything from pizza boxes to napkins was art directed to reflect a more approachable, light-hearted and every-day brand image. 

Repackaged, Reshot and Refreshed

Full Page FSIs | Designed by Mandy Goss

POP Window Signage | Designed by Mandy Goss