Shark DuoClean™ Product Launch



In 2016, Shark engineered a new ultra-light vacuum that aimed to take carpet and floor cleaning to a whole new level—thanks to the reinvention of the vacuum cleaner head. We called it DuoClean™ technology and it features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and an additional soft brush roll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look. The immediate result was 27% growth in POS ($28M) YoY in the stick vacuum category, within the first few months of launch. Its success has led to a multi-product, multi-category vacuum strategy for 2017, positioning DuoClean™ as a whole new class of vacuums, and positioning Shark to clean up the competition with projected sales of well over $200M. 



When you take an already powerful deep cleaning bristle brush and add a soft-touch brush roll, you get an exponentially better clean. On floors, the soft brush roll directly engages, removing large particles, small particles and stuck-on dust. On carpets, the soft brush roll pulls in larger debris while the bristle brush removes stuck-in debris and embedded fine dirt. We call this cleaning to the Power of Duo. 

Shark Rocket DuoClean :30 Sizzle | Produced by Darryl Garcia


Logo design by Brian Kane

AD Ryan Lombardi | Filmed and edited by Michael Indresano


We created a library of DuoClean imagery that included dramatic product photography, real-lifestyle photography, enhanced performance photography and detailed technical renderings, led by Creative Directors Lauren Wiernasz and Josh Hanson with photographers Michael Indresano and Michael Piazza.  


Executing multi-funnel and channel specific digital campaigns, designing disruptive packaging and in-store displays, and building a cohesive, integrated web experience is how we brought the DuoClean™ story to market. Based on unit sales and an average ROAS of over 500%, it appears to be working. 

Sample Marquee | CD Lauren Wiernasz | AD Ryan Lombardi | CW John Grillo

Facebook Link Ad Series | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

Facebook Link Ad Series | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

Facebook Link Ad Series | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

Facebook Link Ad Series | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

Facebook Video | Produced by Facebook Studio

Facebook | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

Facebook | CW John Grillo | AD Ryan Lombardi

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