As someone who never cared much for titles, I am proud to say that I have many. Here are a few things that I've learned from the titles I have today.


Build a team that believes in achieving a bigger vision. Then let them achieve it. 


Directing a team to collectively deliver killer creative work is far more fulfilling than any individual award Iā€™ve ever received. 


I've had the opportunity to work on regional brands, international brands and a whole lot in between. It doesn't matter the size or budget, every project has potential to be great.


There's an important distinction between having a design style and a design point of view. I learned to be flexible with style, but firm on my point of view. 


I use the eraser more than the pencil.


By far my most important title, being a dad teaches me patience, keeps me grounded and reminds me to celebrate the little things. This job makes me better at all of my other jobs. 

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