What started out as a copycat brand to Mike’s Hard Lemonade, became one of the top three selling malternative beverage brands in the marketplace. It was done by first establishing their point of difference - the all-natural juiced beverage. And then designing everything under the sun (pun intended) from logo, labels and packaging to displays, point-of-purchase and a kick-ass website. 

Sublime Juiced Beverages Logo | Designed with Kevin Cimo

Sublime Collateral | Written by Alec Beckett, Designed with Kevin Cimo

Clear Label Design

Subliminal 6 Pack Design

Packaging - All Flavors

POP Poster | CD: Brian Gross, Alec Beckett | Designed with Kevin Cimo | Screen printed by Ariel Broggi

Sublime Microsite | Lead Designer: Kevin Cimo