As the Creative Director of Global Marketing, I was responsible for managing and developing the creative team, overseeing the creation of 5,000+ deliverables annually and increasingly drive revenue within our marketing channels. But I also knew that we needed to start building relationships with consumers. Outside of our direct channels, that meant acknowledging our customers, providing them with engaging experiences, allowing them platforms to tell their story and offering them rewards for continuing to work with us. 



As Vistaprint approached the exciting 1M Facebook Likes mark, we realized that for a business that caters to so many business owners and consumers worldwide, this milestone was less about the number, and more about celebrating the uniqueness of each and every Like we received. The video we created also acted as a launch pad for a social campaign to highlight “one-in-a-million” business owners – an idea that has almost infinite potential iterations.


In 2013, we developed an app to merchandise our holiday content outside of the website gallery. It offered a more personal shopping experience, exposing customers to the top design trends of the season, introducing them to the designers behind the scenes and surfacing all the newest designs in a way that our site couldn't do. Over a five week period, we saw about 43,000 sessions, 15,000 downloads and over $200K in incremental dollars.

Holiday App | Developer: Luis Mendes, Art Director: Walter Waller, Designer: Lori Lepine, Copywriter: Jen Gibson

Holiday App Promotion | Designed by Lori Lepine, Copywriting by Jen Gibson


Looking to make a splash at the Small Business Expo in Miami, we created a social campaign that asks small business owners to share their wisdom with us. It was a wildly successful blend of print, customer interaction and social media, all working together in real time. According to the TweetReach Report, #SmallBizWisdom had an estimated reach of 60,000, with over 500,000 impressions. Because of the success in Miami, we brought the campaign to the Small Business Expo in Dallas a few months later. 

#SmallBizWisdom Campaign | ACD Copywriter: Karen Bedard, Social Content Specialist: Cristina Sousa, 


Vistaprint Pro Advantage is a program that offers a personal, 24/7 white label print shop, ideal for graphic designers, marketers, print professionals and more. Vistaprint, however, wasn't known or respected in the design community as being a quality-focused, creative-minded company. We were synonymous with being "cheap". So when an opportunity to have a booth at the HOW Design Live conference in Chicago arose, we took full advantage to change that perception.

The Fine Art of Cheap: It's a campaign that addressed the perception head on. It got the design community talking, brought new customers into the program and according to HOW, some of the highest booth engagement that their show had seen to date. 

Bag Insert | Designers: Amy Kunberger, Dave Caron, Copywriter: Jen Gibson

Cheap T-shirt | Designers: Amy Kunberger, Dave Caron, Copywriter: Jen Gibson

Scrambling to prepare for the conference, our marketing partner, Julien, forgot to mention that a full page ad was due in the HOW publication, leading up to the show. His oversight turned out to be the perfect hook to draw more attention to our booth. 

Teaser Ad - served as an entry ticket to iPad Contest | Designers: Amy Kunberger, Dave Caron, Copywriter: Jen Gibson

Teaser Email | Designers: Amy Kunberger, Dave Caron, Copywriter: Jen Gibson

Tradeshow Booth

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